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Closing the Distance

Ms. Holscher's 6th Grade
Game the system - Do the work.
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6th grade distance learning 
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6th grade distance learning

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Mixing Things Up - Mr. Faurie's Axe

I use the sound board to record music (and a little video). To keep connected with students, I have been recording and playing history songs for my students in class. These are songs I have written new lyrics for but are played to the tune of a pop song. Some examples: Alexander the Great (Lizzo - Truth Hurts), Thank the Gods I'm Athenian (John Denver - Thank God I'm a Country Boy), and The Feudal System Works for Me (iCarly theme song). I have also been recording myself reading children's stories and sending them a message along with the file (just for fun). (Mr. Larsen, Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Faurie are planing to mix in few popular covers for student amusement I mean entertainment.)

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Today's Classroom  (Looks a Little Different)

Ms. Katie Boge, HS Math Teacher, is ready to go: "I have been also using my personal computer so I can better monitor online chats while I am teaching. I present my smart board screen from my school laptop for students to see, and then I use the other one to set up breakout rooms, polls, and monitor the chatbox."  We're all living in a nest of wires and screens now.

Ms. Boge's Distance Learning Classroom

It's Not A Contest Exactly, But So Far...
Ms. Lick Wins with 52

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