Distance Learning Photo Gallery

Closing the Distance

Ms. Hasselfeldt

My second graders working on their schoolwork, doing some planting for science, shape building with marshmallows and toothpicks for math, some fun art, and creating an obstacle course for a fun Friday activity.

 Distance Learning photo
 Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo  Distance Learning photo
Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo

Ms. Edberg
HS Spanish

 Three resources I have been using during distance learning are IXL for Spanish I, Flipgrid for all levels of Spanish, and Edpuzzle. I have been using Edpuzzle the most and use it in all levels. It allows me to imbed questions in videos from Youtube.  The students have done really well participating.

Distance Learning photo

IXL is an online tool that offers interactive questions, audio, and original stories.  The graphic below indicates my students' level of activity with this resource.

Distance Learning photo

Flipgrid is a platform that allows teachers and students to record and upload videos they create. I use it to listen to my students speak in Spanish. I start with an example or a prompt and then students respond with their own videos.

Distance Learning photo

Ms. Nelson
3rd Grade

 A little Dala Horse Painting in the Morning

Distance Learning photo

Reading Our Pets to Sleep at Night

Distance Learning photo

HS Boys Basketball Awards
From Downtown!

Boys Basketball awards

6th Grade
Hairy Pets (sort of)

Mr. Norvell
4th Grade Marble Slide

The object of the assignment is to get a marble to go through a course and land in a container. Students are encouraged to use any item available in the house.

Fourth grade marble slide

Ms. Thor
5th Grade Garden 

We've had a 5th grade garden at the elementary school for a few years now.  We partner up with the Kanabec County Master Gardeners to have students plant seeds in the greenhouse in the spring and transplant to our garden eventually after Memorial Day.  The Master Gardeners have been sidelined in their volunteer work until a later date because of COVID-19, and with no students at school, my daughters and I started the seeds this weekend and will eventually get most of these planted in our 5th grade garden on school grounds in May/early June.

Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo Distance Learning photo

Ms. Lick's Home Room
Playing Kahoot!

Distance Learning photo

Ms. Good, 1st grade

Reading books, playing games (guessing what's in the egg), and doing show and tell.

Distance Learning photo

Ms. Koep, 1st Grade

Here is a letter I received from one of my first graders concerned that I had enough toilet paper!

Student letter to Ms. Koep 

One of my first graders showing off her weaving skills from art, as she knits a hat with a new loom she received for her birthday!

Ms. Koep 1st grade photo 

Mrs. Hambly, 1st Grade

It has been a crazy couple of days! I have been trying to do some fun video meets with my first graders this week because it was a short week, and Easter is coming up. We did a Show and Tell time and a couple of directed drawings of Easter bunnies. Here are a couple screenshots from two of our meets. Mrs. Rossow even joined in on the fun for Show and Tell, and the students LOVED seeing her dog and her fat cat! They thought that was so cool!

Distance Learning photo Ms. Rossow's cat
Distance Learning photo   Ms. Rossow's dog

We had show and tell last night (May 19). We didn’t have many participants which is usually the case on nice days (can’t blame them). I shared a game that my kids and I like called WatchYa Mouth! The two students that came to the meet really enjoyed it!

Distance Learning photo


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