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Mora Public School Board approved an E-Learning Day Plan May 2019.  E-learning is defined by 2018 Minnesota State Statute 120A.414. Please see below for key details of Mora’s plan:

What is an e-learning day?

  • Refers to an instructional school day that takes place when students are physically not at the school due to inclement weather.  

  • Instruction and communication happens online for some students while others may have assignments and resources sent home with them. 

  • Teachers are available to provide assistance to students and parents via email and/or phone. 

  • Up to 5 e-learning days may be used for weather related school cancellations.  

How will the district notify families?  

The Mora E-Learning Day Plan is included in student handbooks: page 6 in the elementary handbook and pages 6-8 in the high school handbook.  The plan is also posted online for easy reference. 

There will be an automated message delivered to parents via phone and/or email soon after it is determined that the district will be closed due to inclement weather.  The recorded message will state whether or not e-learning will take place on that day.  

PLEASE NOTE: The 1st weather related closure of a school year will NOT be an e-learning day and students will not have to make up the missed school day.    

How does an e-learning day work? 

  • K-5th grade students will have work assigned, which will be grade appropriate with instructions and resources sent home.  Teachers will go over this with students prior to an e-learning day taking place. 

  • 6-12th grade students will have a combination of work assigned for all classes scheduled for that day in either digital or hard copy formats depending on the requirements of each teacher and the status of a student’s Internet access.  Teachers will review requirements with students prior to an e-learning day taking place.  

  • Teachers will be available by email and/or phone for students and families from 9:30AM-3:00PM.    

Teachers will:

  • Familiarize students with e-learning expectations and the type of assignments that may be given.  

  • Post e-learning day work, if necessary, by 9:30AM for grades 6-12.  

  • Include elements to address students with special needs.  

  • Accommodate any students without Internet access at home with a different type of assignment if warranted.

  • Be available via phone and/or email for student and parent communication from 9:30AM to 3:00PM.  

  • Include due dates for any assignments on an e-learning day.  Students will have up to 5 calendar days to make up work from an e-learning day.

Parents will:

  • Help verify student attendance.  

  • Seek clarification from teachers about e-learning days, if needed. 

  • Tell teachers if there is no home Internet service.  

  • Support students at home on an e-learning day.  

Students will:  

  • Complete and submit work assigned. 

  • Make sure to document attendance.  

    • Teachers will give directions on how to record attendance.  

  • Tell their teachers if they have no Internet access at home.    

What happens if a family chooses not to participate on an e-learning day?

Their child will be marked as an excused absence for that day.       

Internet Access

Parents and students in 6-12th grades must inform teachers if there is no Internet access at home so required modifications to assignments can be planned prior to an e-learning day.    

What are the goals of e-learning days?

  • Provide flexible delivery of instruction to minimize the disruption to education caused by any unexpected weather related school closings. 

  • Gives 6th-12th grade students the opportunity to practice the kind of online learning that is increasingly part of college and the workplace.

  • Enables students to apply becoming increasingly responsible for their learning.  

  • Maximize Mora Public Schools investment in 1:1 technology in grades 6-12.  

See Day Plan Information here.


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