Adult Co-ED Volleyball

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball
Posted on 12/06/2016
Volleyball with Net

Wednesday Nights:  Jan 4, 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, Mar 1, and 8 is tournament night
Time: 6:45pm
Cost:  $100.00 fee per team

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Volleyball League Rules

Teams consist of six players, but you may play with less, the number of men playing should never exceed three. Teams may rotate in extra players- men for men, women for women. Teams need not alternate positions by sex. 

Subs: Each team is responsible for finding subs.  Subs must play for your team at least once during the season in order to play with your team during tournaments.

Teams must wear NON marking tennis shoes or similar footwear.  
Teams must rotate players in a clockwise direction.
Team members must be 18 years of age or out of high school.

Scoring:  rally scoring, best two out of three games.  First two games play to 25, must win by 2 points.  If a third game is needed, play to 15 points.

Game rules 

  1. The ball may be played off the ceiling if it does not go over the net and is still not over the 3 hit maximum.
  2. The ball can be played with any part of the body above the waist.  Whether intentional or not, contact with the ball below the waist will result in a side out.
  3. Players cannot touch the net while the ball is in play or step over the center line.
  4. Players cannot interfere with the 2nd hit on the opposite side by not allowing a set to be played.
  5. When serving, do not step over the boundary line.  This will result in a side out.  The boundary lines are considered out of bounds.
  6. Each team can hit the ball not more than three times before the ball crosses the net again, unless there is simultaneous contact made by the opponents.  A block is not considered as on the the three hits allowed each time.
  7. Blocking the serve will not be allowed.
  8. Players are not permitted to scoop, hold or lift the ball.  The guilty player is responsible for calling him or herself when a bad contact  is made.
  9. When the ball is played by more than one player on a side, one hit must be made by a woman before the ball is returned to the opponents.

Tournament Brackets are shown below!

image of volleyball brackets


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